XBGI - X11, PostScript Graphics Library

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This XBGI is a transplanted library of Borland Graphics Interface (BGI) to X11 of UNIX. The current version includes transplantation to PostScript supporting double precision floating point graphics interface. In this version, an improvement at event loop of xbgi, the bug-fixed convenience function to save graphics to XPM image format, the bug-fixed PostScript driver of device coordinates, and some improvements in the superiour library to BGI,  are achieved. Therefore, this version is recomented for not only new users but also the others already using an old one.
[5/26/2000] Patch file for version 3.02, 19991027 is for some problems which are bugs in INSTALL, samples/mkfiles/Imakefile and sources/x11/event.c and so on, and improvements of strokes in PostScript. I thank Mr. Takashi Tanaka and Mr. Ivan Ferrario for their reports. [3/16/2009] Patch file for version 3.02, 20000526 is some fixes for problems to build at Mac OS X and so on. I thank Dr. François Beauducel for his report.

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