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TeXchan is a GUI for TeX processing; LaTeX compiling, dvi printing, dvi to PostScript file, PostScript file printing and page size and orientation settings. TeXchan knows all commands about TeX processing and executes in the terminal widget, for your TeX source file.

texchan-2 snap shot

TeXchan version 2.x

TeXchan version 2.x is based on XView. Installer or system administrator, please customize all commands for your TeX environments in source file about this version. 

texchan-3 snap shot

TeXchan version 3.x

TeXchan version 3.x is based on Motif and CDE(Common Desktop Environment). You can customize all commands; latex, dvi2ps, xdvi, gs and so on in the Commands Dialog or X resource file. 

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