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xpmextramask extracts transparent pixels from a XPM file which includes transparent pixels, and outputs a mask image of XPM format.


xpmmergemask merges an input image of XPM format with a specified mask image which includes transparent pixels, and outputs a XPM image. A mask image is not always contructed of only transparent and mask pixels. As an example of combination of xpmextramask and xpmmergemask, keep trnasparent pixels, use netpbm command tools and put back transparent pixels as follows:


xpmnamecolor replaces RGB color values with color name in RGB color database which is indicated to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt as default. '-d <filename>' option sets RGB database file to <filename>. If a color value is missing in color database, xpmnamecolor doesn't replace the color as default, but xpmnamecolor replaces the color value with the closest color name with '-u' option. With '-v' option, this outputs color value like '#c8c8c8' in the place of color name. xpmnamecolor is available for another color reducing method of 'convert' command with '-colors' option of ImageMagick, 'ppmquant' command of netpbm and so on. All of images shares a RGB color database and are replaced to the color names by xpmnamecolor with '-u' so that many colors to use are reduced in using the whole images.

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