install-cid.tar.gz and - and alias-cid.bat with, and

(cf. (cf. [Japanese] [2002/8/20]

The gs-cjk patch kit included install-cid.tar.gz, shell scripts to setup CID-keyed fonts but these were not usable for non-Unix-like systems. Here new and install-cid.tar.gz which are rewritten in PostScript language are introduced in order for Windows users to use the setup scripts of CID-keyed fonts.

Basic Usage

Usage of new alias-*.sh and alias-*.bat are the same as README of Ghostscript CJK Supplement information except for that you should specify a TrueType fontpath as fullpath.

For Windows users, please read those README files replacing alias-*.sh with alias-*.bat.

For new alias-*.bat and alias-*.sh, auto generation of compose fonts, CIDFontName-CMapName files is done by default into Resource/Font directory. If you want to suppress the auto generation then edit alias-*.bat or and remove "-dCOMPOSE" option written in these files.

New Usage

If you use ``:='' in place of ``='' in arguments of alias-*.sh and alias-*.bat then full CIDFontType2 dictionary for gs is generated into Resource/CIDFont directory. After this setup, gs font loading for this CIDFontType2 becomes very rapid.

Some examples at command prompt are shown below. Before doing, please confirm or edit the directories, CIDFont and Font of Resource of gs written in

> alias-ak1.bat install DotumChe:=C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\gulim.ttc,4
> alias-ak1.bat install HYGoThic-Medium=DotumChe
> alias-ak1.bat install SMGothic-Bold=HYGoThic-Medium,Bold
> alias-aj2.bat install HeiseiMin-W3H:=C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\msmincho.ttc,Adobe-Japan2
> alias-aj2.bat install HeiseiKakuGo-W5H:=C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\msgothic.ttc,Adobe-Japan2


install-cid.tar.gz and are using and including following PostScript files:


Written by Taiji Yamada <> and gs-cjk project